Pedigree Carinos Erika

S-Premiumcats Red Cadillac of Carinos

(Per) Red-Tabby

S-Ch. D'Eden Lover Bagdad Cafe

(Per) Red-Tabby

S-Gc. D'Eden Lover V'Night Owl of Kuorii

(Per) Brown-Mac-Tabby

D-D'Eden Lover Bella

(Per) Calico

D-Kozy Colorful

(Per) Calico

S-Byhishands Crank It Up

(Per) Van-Blue-White

D-Ch. Cinemax Whoopi of Martinicki

(Per) Brown-Ptch-Mac-Tabby-White

D-Carinos Wish Me

(Per) Black-White

S-Quartet Huckleberry

(Per) Brown-Tabby-White

S-Gc. Ocalicos Kudos

(Per) Brown-Mac-Tabby-White

D-Carinos Hermione

(Per) Blue-Tabby-White

D-Carinos Yuna

(Per) Calico

S-Amenity Cats Yum-Yum

(Per) Cream-White

D-Caprimoon Mona Lisa of Carinos

(Per) Calico